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Answers to Your Frequently Asked Concrete Questions

We understand that you may have many questions when it comes to your concrete project. Whether you are looking for addition of concrete or removal, contact Concrete Services in Edmonton. We have listed a few frequently asked questions below; however if you have anything else that needs clarification, feel free to contact us now.

  • Q: Can I choose any colour or stick to the usual concrete colour tone?
    A: Yes, you have several colour options to choose from when it comes to your concrete. To see your choices, check out our Artevia™ colours or watch our video. Custom pigment dyes, coloured epoxy finishes, and pigmented sealants are also available.
  • Q: How long does concrete take to cure?
    A: After 7 days, concrete achieves about 80% of its strength. Full strength is reached after about 28 days under optimal conditions.
  • Q: How can I remove stains from concrete?
    A: We recommend a simple “Green” method that involves pressurized steam, soapy water, and “elbow grease.” We can also suggest an alternate chemical treatment to remove the stain if that does not work.
  • Q: What is concrete?
    A: Our concrete is made of 3 main basic ingredients: Portland cement, water, and aggregates like rocks and sand. This concrete is an environmentally safe product.


Turn to us for all your concrete requirements.

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