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Concrete Services in Edmonton

Based in Edmonton, we provide concrete services for residential and commercial clients. With many years of experience in the business, C-Ment Concrete Services can offer:

Concrete breakouts

Concrete restorations

Concrete fencing

Concrete steps

Concrete Services for Homes

If the concrete in your property could be improved, look no further than C-Ment Concrete Services. We provide:

  • Concrete Breakout

Get rid of unwanted, broken, or uneven concrete with our breakout and removal services. We take your unwanted concrete stairs, slabs, retaining walls, and more.

  • Concrete Restoration

If your concrete stairs, slabs, or floors need a new look, our concrete restoration service is what you need. Our work includes sealing, epoxy coatings, and other treatments.

  • Concrete Fencing

Whether you want to complement your home’s exterior or need to improve the security, we can add concrete fencing to your hardscape design. You can choose from various colours and finishes.

  • Concrete Steps

Add beautiful concrete steps to your home. You can choose from a range of colours, surfaces, and finishes, and make the right impression.

Concrete Services for Commercial Spaces

Would you like to improve the concrete within your office space? It would be ideal to either have it checked by our professional for quality to ensure there is no potential risk. Our range of services includes:


Are you investing in a new project and need to get rid of old concrete? We provide concrete breakout for old and uneven concrete to make way for new slabs, retaining walls, stairs, and more.


Need to restore your concrete as a part of your renovation project? Whether for slabs, floors, stairs, or any other concrete service, we can provide surface sealing and a wide variety of epoxy coatings.


Give your building that added security with concrete fences. They are also a great option to complement your hardscape design, with the incorporation of attractive and sturdy bases for signs and other features. We offer a range of colours and finishes to provide your business with unique concrete fencing.


Create the right impression on your patrons with concrete steps from C-Ment Concrete Services. We can build and design steps for various business entrances and offer colours, finishes, and surfaces for you to choose from. Contact us for an entrance that is not only attractive, but also durable and welcoming.

concrete service


Make that concrete addition to your property with our range of services. From adding steps to breaking down unwanted concrete to make way for a new structure, we can do it all.

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