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Concrete Foundation Repair for Homes in Edmonton and Surrounding Areas

C-Ment Concrete Services in Edmonton offers foundation repairs and support work. Our residential work includes:


These distribute the weight of your building over unstable soil. Our structural engineer will design grade beams to fit your project and ensure they are up to code.


Ensure your foundation and home are protected from problems before they start with our waterproofing services from our journeyman-certified crews. We can seal and install rubber membranes in your foundation to help your home withstand Alberta’s climate.


Cracks can get formed in your foundations due to inferior workmanship, home settling, or even the weather. With our repairs, we will ensure your basement stays dry. Our crack repairs are ideal for solving water problems and help you save big bucks on future repairs.


Our piling services are designed to resolve problems caused by your settling foundation and save your home from massive damage. We remedy failing foundations by driving steel piers into rock or solid structures and connecting the piles to the foundation.

Common Issues That Can Affect Concrete Foundations

Several common issues can affect concrete foundations. These include:

Cracks: Concrete foundations may develop cracks due to settlement, shrinkage, or external forces. These cracks can allow water penetration and compromise the foundation's structural integrity.

Foundation settlement: Uneven settling of the soil beneath the foundation can lead to foundation settlement. It can cause the foundation to sink or become uneven, resulting in cracks and structural issues.

Foundation heaving: On the other hand, expansive soils or frost action can cause the foundation to heave or lift, leading to cracks and instability.

Water damage: Poor drainage or leaks near the foundation can result in water accumulation and prolonged moisture exposure. Over time, this can weaken the foundation and cause deterioration.

Soil erosion: Erosion of soil around the foundation can lead to voids or gaps, causing the foundation to become unstable and prone to settlement.

Poor construction: Insufficient soil compaction during construction, inadequate reinforcement, or improper concrete mix can all contribute to foundation problems.

Tree root intrusion: Tree roots can grow and exert pressure on the foundation, causing it to crack or shift.

It is essential to address these issues promptly by consulting with a professional to prevent further damage and ensure the stability and longevity of the concrete foundation. Read our FAQ page for more details.

Preventive Measures

Implementing preventive measures can significantly reduce the chances of encountering foundation problems in the future. Here are some essential steps to consider:

Proper drainage: Ensure your property has adequate drainage systems to redirect water away from the foundation. This includes appropriately functioning gutters, downspouts, and sloping the ground away from the foundation.

Regular inspections: Conduct routine inspections of your foundation to identify any signs of cracks, settlement, or other issues early on. Promptly address any concerns by consulting with a professional.

Maintain consistent moisture levels: Avoid excessive moisture fluctuations around the foundation, as they can contribute to soil movement. Maintain consistent moisture levels by watering the soil around the foundation during dry periods.

Tree and shrub placement: Be mindful of planting trees and shrubs near the foundation, as their roots can potentially cause damage. Place them at a safe distance to prevent root intrusion.

Professional construction and repairs: Ensure that any construction or repair work related to the foundation is carried out by qualified professionals who follow proper techniques and guidelines.

Soil stabilization: If your property is located in an area with expansive soils or a history of soil movement, consider implementing soil stabilization techniques recommended by experts.

Taking these preventive measures can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering foundation problems and ensure your property's long-term stability and structural integrity.

Commercial Property Foundation

We can tailor our foundation work to suit the requirement of your commercial structure. Our services include:


Grade beams are a great option to increase the safety of your building. Our engineer will design your grade beam as per your project’s specifications and to code.


Protect your building from water problems even before they start. As a part of our waterproofing service, we will seal and install rubber membranes in your foundation. We also install sump pumps.


Don’t let water damage have you invest in expensive repairs. With our foundation repairs, you can rest assured that your building will stay dry.


If you are facing settling issues with your foundation, take advantage of our piling service. We can correct failing foundations by installing piles.


For more information, contact us now.



Our foundation services are designed to protect your foundation from harsh weather conditions and water damage.

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